Our team

The Planning Team

Our planning team has the role of backbone organisation, this is a separate organisation which is dedicated to coordinating the collaborators involved in the initiative. Supporting this infrastructure is essential to ensuring impact and momentum throughout the approach.

The members of the planning team are:

  • Carol Tannahill
  • Chris Chapman
  • Nick Watson
  • Kevin Lowden
  • Jennifer McLean
  • Nancy Clunie

Research and Evaluation Team

The research and evaluation team has the critical role of supporting the planning team and our partners with research. They will be leading on the process evaluation, monitoring community outcomes and synthesizing evidence useful for action planning.

There is some overlap with Kevin and Jennifer from the planning team also sitting on the research and evaluation team alongside:

  • Sarah Ward
  • Maureen McBride

PhD researchers

There are three PhD researchers with the Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland:

  • Taylor Sawyer
  • Craig Orr
  • Amanda Ptolomey

Former members of the team

Lizzie Leman